Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle

A feature documentary film by Joseph C. Stillman on Human Rights activist Ramsey Clark 


The film will be narrated by actor/Human Rights activist Martin Sheen and in additional to Ramsey Clark, the following individuals will appear in the document-ary: Brian & Richard Becker, Jerry Berrigan, Blase Bonpane, Noam Chomsky, Miguel d'Escoto Brockman, Sara Flounders, Julie Gronlund, Mimi Gronlund, Abdeen Jabara, Gloria LaRiva, Barbara Lubin, Liz McAlister, Ralph Nader, William Newman, Victor Navasky, Stephen Pollak, Michael Ratner, ,John Richardson,  Paul Scheele, Frank Serpico, Lynne Stewart, Senator Joseph Tydings, Alice Walker and Alexander Wohl.

Martin Sheen & Joseph Stillman

Joseph Stillman

Ramsey Clark & LBJ

Alan Donovan - former President, State University of New York at Oneonta
Ben Friedell - M.D., A.O. Fox Hospital
Kevin Hodne - Grant Consultant
Susan Jean Kenny - EOP Counselor, SUNY Oneoata
John Miglietta - Producer, JDM Productions, NYC
Kim Muller - Former Oneonta, New York Mayor,
Leonard Singer - Clinical Social Worker
Peter Wallace - Professor of History, Hartwick College
Brian J. Williams - Producer, Pen & Inc., Newtown, CT


Producer/Director Joseph C. Stillman is an award-winning filmmaker who has traveled the globe making substantive films and documentaries for forty-years.  His latest project on Ramsey Clark's life is an opportunity to bring to light the story of one of the worlds most dedicated individuals to the causes of peace, justice and human rights.

This is a defining moment in the world: uprisings in the middle east, emerging democracies, secular and religious conflicts, new technologies that redefine how wars are waged and the interplay between surveillance to protect against terrorism and the right to privacy are occurring now and threaten the future as a new American President is determined to abuse the powers of his office.
Through an examination of his exper-iences and enriched by interviews with prominent and insightful leaders, this in-depth documentary will explore Ramsey Clark’s contributions on the national and world stage to human rights and justice and its implications for future generations.