Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle

 May 13th   Los Angeles, CA  The Peace Center,  3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA  7:00 pm  Introduction by Frank Dorrel with                         special guests Martin Sheen, Blase & Theresa Bonpane, John Parker & Maggie Vascassenno.  310.838.8131



A feature documentary film by Joseph C. Stillman currently in development and production  

May 14th  Oceanside, CA  Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center, 212F Artist Alley, 5:00pm/Free concert to follow

                 (760) 231.1010 or

May 6th     Washington, DC   Howard University, 2400 6th Street NW, Digital Auditorium, Blackburn Center    2:00pm

                 Introduction by ANSWER Coalition's Brian Becker with special guest Ralph Nader.  (703) 757.0332

May 12th   San Francisco, CA  ANSWER Coalition, 2969 Mission Street  7:00pm  Introduction by ANSWER's Gloria LaRiva

                  (415) 821.6545

May 10th    Berkeley, CA  East Bay Media Center, 1936 Addison Street  7:00pm screening/6:00 reception  Introduction by

                  Bev Hoffman (Human Rights Film Focus Nepal) Opening remarks by Mid East Children's Alliance founder Barbara Lubin.

                  (510) 529.9910