Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle

A feature documentary film by Joseph C. Stillman on Human Rights activist Ramsey Clark 

Sara Flounders, Lynne Stewart, Ramsey, Lynne's daughter & Ralph in NYC

ANSWER Coalition fundraiser in San Francisco , CA 2017

Ralph Nader talking about Ramsey Clark in Washington, DC.

Frank Serpico & Ramsey Clark on Ramsey's 88th Birthday

Alice Walker talking about Ramsey Clark at the "Citizen ClarK" work in progress screening at Berkeley Film Festival in 2017

New School Screening, NYC

Ramsey's 90th Birthday Dec. 2017

Joseph Stillman & Roger Mudd at Howard University in Washington, DC  2017

Sara Flounders, Victor Navasky  & Joseph Stilman  The New School Auditorium, NYC 2017

Martin Sheen speaking about

Ramsey Clark in LA 2017

Sara Flounders-IAC  speaking about Ramsey Clark in NYC, Dec. 2017

Amy Goodman - "Democrarcy Now" talking about Ramsey Clark in NYC Oct. 2016

Mel Vapour & Joseph Stillman at the East Bay Media Center screening, Berkeley, CA

Joseph Stillman & Bev Hoffman (Nepal Human Rights Film Festival) in 2017

Joseph Stillman, Martin Sheen & Blase Bonpane at Los Angeles screening in 2017

Ramsey Clark & Frank Serpico in NYC