Sara Flounders, Lynne Stewart, Ramsey, Lynne's daughter & Ralph in NYC

ANSWER Coalition screening in San Francisco , CA 2017

Frank Dorrel & Joe at The Peace Center in

Culver City, CA 2017

Victor Navasky NYC Oct. 2016

Joe & Bev Hoffman (Nepal Human Rights Film Festival) in 2017

Martin Sheen talking about

Ramsey Clark in 2017

Sara Flounders-IAC  speaking about Ramsey Clark in NYC Oct. 2016

Mel Vapour & Joe at the East Bay Media Center screening, Berkeley, CA

Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle

Joe & Roger Mudd at Howard University in Washington, DC  2017

Amy Goodman - "Democrarcy Now" talking about Ramsey Clark in NYC Oct. 2016

Joe, Martin Sheen & Blase Bonpane at Los Angeles screening in 2017

Frank Serpico & Ramsey Clark on Ramsey's 88th Birthday

Joe - NYC talking about

 "Citizen Clark" in 2016.

Ramsey Clark & Frank Serpico in NYC

Ralph Nader talking about Ramsey Clark in Washington, DC.

A feature documentary film by Joseph C. Stillman currently in development and production